Thursday, August 7, 2008

Neighbors Join America's Night Out Against Crime

Residents in three Weed & Seed communities celebrate with events ranging from a carnival atmosphere to more intimate settings, Councilmember Ervin visits with residents

August 5, 2008, Silver Spring, Maryland. This evening residents in the communities of Northwest Park, Avery Park, and the Hamptons Homeowners Association gathered together in their respective communities to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of National Night Out, “America’s Night Out against Crime!”

The Northwest Park Apartment Community began their event early at 4:00 pm under overcast skies and tolerable humidity, given the DC metro areas history of blistering heat during this time of the year “this is perfect weather” commented Alex Garcia, Northwest Park’s Community Manager. Several hundred residents attended the event catered with free food, DJ, a clown, moon-bounce supplied by MCPD, and crowd pleasing Park Police Officer mounted on his horse. The event concluded around 7 pm after Kay Management raffled off small appliances in addition to book-bags with school supplies. Montgomery County’s auto-theft division raffled off auto-theft prevention devices.

The Avery Park Community Association celebrated its Second Annual National Night Out Event. Association President Luther Hinsley with the assistance of residents and Laramar Communities, LLC, held their event outdoors featuring food, music and plenty of fellowship for residents who had never met one another prior to the event. Additionally, representatives from Montgomery County Government’s Code Enforcement Division were on hand to talk and interact with residents.

The Hamptons Homeowners Association celebrated National Night Out in a more intimate fashion. Gathering residents in the community recently victimized by daytime robberies, HOA President Lisa Arrington brought everyone together in a circle to strengthen the bonds between neighbors. Residents talked about their families and years spent in the community. A common theme sounded off by homeowners was how much they loved their community and the importance of watching out for one another. Approximately 50 residents and their children took part in the event. In closing remarks Ms. Arrington thanked Weed & Seed’s support to the community.

All three events were treated to a visit by the traditional parade of motorcycles and police cars from Montgomery County’s 3rd Police District. Community Outreach Officers and Senior Staff including Weed & Seed Steering Committee Co-Chair, Lt. Bob McCullagh, were among those greeting residents and children. Riding along with MCPD was Montgomery County Councilmember Valerie Ervin and Constituent Liaison, Amparo Macias. Residents were pleasantly surprised by Ms. Ervin’s guest appearance and offered warm welcomes engaging her in discussion about the status of their respective community.

The Weed & Seed Program is a community based multi-agency approach to community revitalization, crime prevention and law enforcement.

For more information about this program contact Victor Salazar at (301) 565-5847 or email: Visit the Department of Justice Community Capacity Development Office website at

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