Monday, November 10, 2008

Silver Spring Town Center's Tribute to America’s Veterans

November 10, 2008. The “Tribute to America’s Veterans” concert, sponsored by the Silver Spring Town Center, Inc. was a tremendous success. Over 150 people attended the evening of entertainment at the Round House Theatre in Silver Spring, featuring the Marcus Johnson Project, and blues musicians Michel “Mike” Baytop and Jay Summerour.

“The Silver Spring Town Center Inc. Board of Directors are taking this opportunity to salute all the men and women in the Nation’s military services—those who have served and those who serve,” said Alan S. Bowser, president of the Town Center, Inc. Board of Directors. “We must never forget the sacrifices, large and small, that these individuals have made to keep us safe and free. We hope that this is the first of many Town Center, Inc. community programs that will recognize the great contributions of America’s veterans and remind Silver Spring residents of the high principle that they defend.”

In his remarks, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett, a Vietnam veteran who served in the U.S. Army, passionately described the sacrifices that America’s veterans had made throughout history to protect the “blessings of liberty” enjoyed by citizens of the United States. He discussed the status of veterans in Montgomery County and the programs and initiatives that had been implemented to support the veterans’ community.

County Executive Leggett presented “certificates of appreciation” to World War II veteran and Silver Spring Town Center, Inc. Board member, Jack Hewitt, Operation Second Chance founder Cindy McGrew, and to musicians Michel Baytop and Marcus Johnson.

The “Tribute to America’s Veterans” concert was co-sponsored by the D.C. Blues Society, the Round House Theatre, Operation Second Chance, and PFA Investments, LLC.

Among those attending the Veterans Tribute Concert were Montgomery County Councilwoman Valerie Ervin, Walter Reed Society Secretary Peter Esker, and Silver Spring Town Center, Inc. Board Members Aurelia Martin, Wanda Whiteside, Estefany Carrillo, Graciela Jaschek, Laura Steinberg, Sheryl Brissett-Chapman, Beth Wong, Mary Ann Zimmerman, Jon Lourie, David Fogel and Don Berkemeyer, Jr.

The Silver Spring Town Center Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that has been established to provide community-based programming for the new Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans Plaza to be located at the corner of Ellsworth Drive and Fenton Street in downtown Silver Spring. The SSTCI is the result of a long process of community involvement and engagement to support the development of downtown Silver Spring. It was created to infuse community spirit and involvement in the new Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans Plaza (which will be completed in 2009).

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