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Summary Notes - Neighborhoods and Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Joint Committee Meeting Dec. 15, 2008

Neighborhoods and Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Joint Committee Meeting
Dec. 15, 2008 – 7:00 pm – Silver Spring Regional Services Center
Summary Notes

Participants: Dwayne Jenkins, Silver Spring Regional Services Center; Evan Glass, SSCAB; Megan Moriarty, SSCAB; Darian Unger, SSCAB; Martha Waddy, New Hampshire Estates Civic Association & Long Branch Neighborhood Initiative; Jason Tomassini, The Gazette; Jennifer Nettles, Peterson Management; Tony Hausner, Prezco; Luther Hinsley, Avery Park Community Association; Kevin Walling; Massiel Cruz; Rodney Elin, Eastern Village; Jeff Dunkel, Pedestrian Safety Coordinator, Montgomery County; Barbara Sanders; Amparo Macias, Councilmember Valerie Ervin; Councilmember Nancy Floreen; Bruce Clark, Advance Church; William Smith; Jim Zepp.

Megan Moriarty gave an update on the topics covered at the last SSCAB meeting and the Committee’s meeting after introductions.

Jeff Dunckel from the Department of Transportation responded to questions and concerns from the Committee about a lack of sidewalks due to construction at Blair Mill Rd. and East-West Highway. Jeff explained contractors have to keep sidewalks open during construction. He will investigate the situation with the County and State and follow up with Evan Glass. In the future, residents should first contact Gary Stith at the Regional Center (and copy a Councilmember!) to report problems.

He also described the scope of the County’s Pedestrian Safety Campaign noting that the first area being targeted is the intersection of Piney Branch and University. This proactive, comprehensive initiative has three main themes: education, engineering and enforcement. Bill Smith described his sidewalk mapping project, which is available at: The County is going to use this same technology to conduct safety audits.

Councilmember Nancy Floreen commented on the improvements in pedestrian safety over the last few years and that changes to the road code should also help. She recommended that any resident with a sidewalk/access problem should copy her office on any correspondence. She also discussed the County’s FY’10 tight budget process and encouraged community members to communicate with the County Executive before he submits his budget to the Council in March.

Martha Waddy distributed the Weed and Seed update report for December (see attached).

Tony Hasner reported that Prezco has begun planning for a crime summit in March. The next planning meeting will be: Dec. 16, 7:30pm. Anyone interested in participating should contact Tony.

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