Friday, August 7, 2009

Broad Coalition Launches Non-Profit To Save Sligo Creek Golf Course

Welcomes Using Course to Aid Injured Vets

August 7, 2009 – The newly-formed non-profit Sligo Creek Golf Association, Inc. (SCGA) today launched a county-wide campaign to encourage Montgomery County Council to keep Sligo Creek Golf Course open while a task force with broad community involvement develops a plan to permanently preserve the historic course as a recreational venue.

“Sligo Creek Golf Course is a unique recreational resource for county residents,” said Karen Howland, president of the SCGA. “It is the only 9-hole golf course in the Montgomery County system that provides a friendly atmosphere for novice and low- and moderate-income golfers. Permanently closing the course would be a severe blow to the thousands of youths, women, minorities and senior citizen golfers who use the course every year.”

The SCGA applauds the past week's statements by county officials supporting alternatives to closure, including either a temporary subsidy or finding another government or non-profit entity willing to run the course.

“We understand the county faces severe budget difficulties,” Howland said. “The best alternative would be for its current operator – the Montgomery County Revenue Authority – to continue managing the facility without burdening the county while other options are explored.”

The SCGA welcomes all proposals from our elected officials and the public about ways to save Sligo golf in the short and long term. We were especially pleased to see the creative and praiseworthy suggestion from Montgomery County Councilmember Valerie Ervin to establish a partnership with the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs that would provide injured veterans with therapeutic golf at Sligo Creek. The SCGA looks forward to working with her and other county and state officials on the details.

“Sligo Creek golfers and neighbors would be proud to help our veterans by sharing this jewel of a golf course,” said Howland.

The SCGA represents golfers and non-golfers who want to see this property remain a golf course, including leaders of Friends of Sligo Creek, the Sligo Ladies’ Golf League, and several civic association presidents.

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