Monday, March 9, 2009

16 Are Arrested After 'Stop the Violence' Event - Washington Post

By Martin Weil
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 9, 2009; B06

Sixteen people were arrested in downtown Silver Spring on Saturday night after a "Stop the Violence" concert, authorities said.

A Montgomery County police spokesman said officers responded to incidents of disorderly conduct that broke out near the end of a concert at the Silver Spring plaza.

It was not clear what prompted the outbreaks, which led to charges that ranged from disorderly conduct to assault, Lt. Paul Starks said. No serious injury or property damage was reported, he said.

An official of the Downtown Silver Spring shopping district said Mixed Unity, a collaborative of youth-based nonprofit groups, held the concert, which included a cappella groups, poetry and live music. It drew several thousand people. The crowd included mainly young people and families, the official said.


marylandgangs said...

What really happened, here:

Gangs of DTSS

Huwey Kelly said...

Hello my name is Huwey Kelly I feel like these young adults have alot of rage an anger in them,an they just don't know how to control their tempers. It was a positive day for everyone and it became mayhem for no reason at all,it was a smart and brilliant idea for the young adults but Go-Go music is known to get the young massives out of control since the late 80's. I grew up listening to Go-Go music and never got into a fight with anyone but I can actually feel how this music made me rowdy at times. Today's Go-Go music is hard core with more string's more bass to get the massive rowdy. Silver Spring is a very beauitful place an we have to protect are city Miss.Spring came a long way the reason why I know is because I am a native I've been here all my life,it's a very beautiful place. Crime will be on a rise here because it is beautiful an people from all different areas will come to see Miss.Spring we have to protect our house. I was on the front page of the Gazette Jan.22,2008 for a Hip Hop Summit it was overwhelming we have to stop violence in our city it doesn't have to happen here we have to team up to "MAKE IT HAPPEN". Someone please reach out to me I have the keys and techniques to make this possible.

"Reach Out" Huwey "Black Goo" Kelly
I was once a teen with a temper!