Monday, March 9, 2009

Mixed Unity's "Stop the Violence" Concert in Silver Spring

A “Stop the Violence” concert was held in Downtown Silver Spring on March 7, 2009 to promote messages of peace and non-violence. The event was organized by “Mixed Unity,” a group of teens from various local youth groups, including Identity, Gap Busters Learning Center, Blair Sports Academy, Street Outreach Network, Asian American LEAD, Maryland Multicultural Youth Center and the Gandhi Brigade.

The concert lineup included performers and speakers from a broad range of genres. Bands like Those Guys, Class6, Latin Royalty & Desafio, and the Reaction Band, joined motivational speakers Juan Pacheco and Gaby Posado from Barrios Unidos. The program also included a “freestyle Rap Battle” and breakdancing contest.
The sponsoring groups joined together following the shooting death of Montgomery Blair High School student Tai Lam in November.

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Anonymous said...

Aren`t stop the violence and go - go music an oxy moron pardon that phrase. Did anyone evan check to see who requested the permit this is embarassing, and disgraceful you try to " promote non violence" and damm near grown men and some adults act like its feeding time at the zoo. This was a very sad display of cowardly criminal behavior.

Anonymous said...

Sad, perhaps, but very edifying for those with eyes to see. This is what happens in diverse, multicultural areas. Los Angelas area schools and communities deal with nightmarish scenes like this on an ongoing-basis.

Diversity is a crock, put forward by clueless liberals who always seem to manage to get their OWN children out of the cross-fire.

Anonymous said...

You left out the part where this concert turned into a riot.

Transcend said...

Thanks for the read i am currently working on a stop the violence project will save your blog an share.