Thursday, March 26, 2009

Art that's good for the heart - Gazette

Rosemary Hills banners promote healthy lifestyles

by Jeremy Arias | Staff Writer | Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A cheery smile played across the lips of 7-year-old Saba Solomon on Friday at Rosemary Hills Primary School as she added the finishing touches to her painting: a thin green curve for a smile and two sky-blue circles for eyes.

All around her, the lounge-turned-canvass teemed with second-graders rushing from one table to another clutching Dixie cups full of paint and thin brushes in the final artist in residence workshop, all under the watchful eyes of the artist, Caryl Henry-Alexander.

Thanks to the artist-in-residence program sponsored by the Maryland State Arts Council, Henry-Alexander has spent the last few weeks meeting regularly with the 200 second-graders at the school to design and paint 16 banners, two for each class, which will soon adorn the school cafeteria.

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